Year 5’s Chicks

On Friday 12th May, Year 5 got a very exciting delivery of 9 chicken eggs! Over the weekend, we left them inside an incubator and on Tuesday 16th May, they began to hatch. Unfortunately, only 6 of the eggs hatched but we were still over the moon to have 6 gorgeous little chicks to hold and watch them grow. Since then, the whole school has joined in and Year 5 have been teaching the rest of the school about the chicks and their life cycle. After a week, the chicks have already started to grow and show so much character! The whole of Washacre (including the staff) has had a wonderful time with the chicks.

Mayan food tasting!

Year 5 really enjoyed our Mayan food tasting today! It was a lovely end to our topic and the children tried lots of new foods such as avocado, papaya and sweet potato. We even drank not chocolate in true royal Mayan style, although we decided to leave out the chilli powder!

Toasting our hot chocolate, just like the Mayan nobles would!

Year 5 – Author Study

Last week, Year 5 were studying poems written by Roger Stevens. We were looking particularly at his Haiku (a 17 syllable Japanese poem). Whilst reading his poetry, we found that he had done some really funny poems that we wanted to read! He sent us a video to say hello and say that he was looking forward to reading our Haiku. He also let us interview him via email. Here is a sneak peek at some of his answers:

7. What inspired you to write fat cat?
We really did have a cat called Scampi. And we had a cat flap. He was having trouble getting through it one day. And the poem was born.
8. Why did you decide to become a writer?
I’ve always been quite good at, and enjoyed, creative things. Art, music and writing. I started out as a teacher. When I had my first book published (The Howen) and then some poems in anthologies – I decided I would make that my new career. I really wanted to be a rock star though.
9. What do you enjoy the most about writing poems?
I like all aspects of it. Having a great idea which I write in my notebook. Fashioning the actual poem. Working on it, changing it, making it the best I can. And then seeing it published in a book. And I love performing my poems too, and seeing how people react to them.
10. Which is your most famous poem? Our favourite is fat cat!
I’m glad you like that one. It’s good for reading out loud isn’t it? The most requested poem is probably Dad Don’t Dance.
Have a look at our Haiku about the seasons on our poet-tree outside Year 5 classroom!