”Fee Fi Fo Fum…” Traditional tales fun!

Before the holidays, Reception class continued their ‘Traditional Tales‘ topic by sharing the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We read the familiar tale and enjoyed discussing the different characters which appear in the story. The children had opposing views on the character ‘the Giant;’ some felt he was a good, misunderstood character and others felt he was just mean!

The children wrote a letter to the Giant, to ask him questions about how he behaved when Jack stole the gold. We also had lots of fun getting our hands full of mud whilst planting our own beans. We are looking forward to seeing how they grow!

Abbie Planting bricks bailey charlie maksim Ruby Mai planting Sarah writing

Super worm!

Reception really enjoyed the Superheroes activities which were in the learning environment last week.  They particularly worked hard with helping one another and being kind to each other, and lots received the ‘Secret Superhero’ award for doing this well.

This week we shared the story Super worm written by Julia Donaldson. We researched about worms; finding out where they live, what they need and how we can look after them.


We then went on a hunt for worms in our school grounds and using our research, we created a luxury worm hotel for the worms to stay in for the week.

A SUPER week in Reception!

This week our link to learning has been ‘Superheroes;’ a frequent interest of our Reception children, particularly the boys!

So we have created a Superhero den, which the children have loved to play in whilst developing their reading, writing and Mathematics skills.

We discussed who our favourite Superheroes were and what made them SUPER, wrote descriptions & role played being Superheroes ourselves.

What a SUPER week!

image image image

A busy week…

Reception have had a jam packed week, learning about People Who Help Us.

We’ve researched and painted vehicles which are used for Emergency services such as ambulances and police cars.

image image


Reception enjoyed learning about fire engines the most. So, we found out more about the Fire service and practised our fine motor skills, in a fun model making activity. Look at our fantastic fire engine models!

image image image image

People who help us

Reception have began their new topic People who help us. We have made special Mother’s Day cards to our lovely Mums to show our appreciation for how they help us. This week, we also had a visit from a real Estate Agent called Mr Cardwell, who came to speak to us about his job and how he helps people to find their dream home.

image image image image

‘What a beautiful day! We’re not scared!’

Last week Reception class learnt about the popular children’s story- We’re going on a bear hunt written by Michael Rosen. 

Reception retelling the story.

Reception enjoyed lots of activities throughout the week such as; retelling and sequencing the key events of the story, hunting for bears from around the World in their classroom, making bear masks and they shared our favourite stories in their own Bear’s reading cave.

To end a fantastic week at school, we invited the children to bring into school a bear from home and together we had a Teddy bear’s picnic.

image image

Learning Outdoors in the EYFS – 2YO

In the 2 YO today we have had so much fun in our outdoor environment!

imageWe got our weather proof clothing on and enjoyed the cold and windy weather! We talked about the importance on keeping warm and what clothing we need to wear. We had mud pies and pancakes on the menu in our real life Mud Kitchen, our children enjoyed to get water from the tap and pour it into the mud and mix them both together! Some children drew shapes on our blackboard after talking about squares and circles earlier in the morning! Have a look at our enabling environment and the photographs taken of the fun we had whilst learning in our outdoor provision!




”Do you wanna build a Snow man?”

After noticing the drastic change in the weather a couple of weeks ago, Reception were eager to talk about the snow. We began by comparing the snow to the weather in a film of popular interest – Frozen!

We explored ice and began to investigate why it melts and how quickly it melted in different situations. We played counting activities such as ‘Pass the ice cube’ to support reciting numbers and also to introduce our new topic, time.

Reception enjoyed playing and learning in challenging, Frozen– inspired activities in the classroom. We particularly enjoyed making Melted Snowman biscuits, and after learning about Instruction texts, we even wrote our own for others to follow.

We use our check lists to ensure that our writing is always good!
”I have made Elsa’s castle.”
We used cold colours to create winter paintings.
eating snowmen bisctuis
Our Melted Snowman biscuits were very tasty!

IMG_0947 IMG_0948 IMG_0964 IMG_0965 IMG_0966 IMG_0968 bailey eating